Free MP4 Converter App Reviews

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The old version was better

The new UI takes twice as long to change options such as resoultion and sound. It also seems with the change that the free the .mp4 codec no longer works with quicktime for playback of files. The app does have better compression vs the old one. However i’ll take large working files vs smaller non working ones.


awful conversion quality for audio and video, install only if you want more garbage on your hard drive!

Worked just fine

Maybe they upgraded, anyhow my version worked just fine. Using Mac OS X 10.8.5, by the way.

Great Tool

Many thanks for this great tool.

Does NOT open or convert WTV files!!!

There it was, right in the description "common videos like… WTV" LIARS

Not that good

I tried this to convert a couple of WMV files. The output was jumpy and blocky. Doesn’t seem to be a useful product.

Did the job!

I needed to convert a television series from .avi to .mp4 and the audio / visual output was crisp and so much better than other apps I’ve tried from the iTunes store or downloaded from the Internet! I could drop the entire file of thirteen episodes and it converted within the hour. Thank you!

Works Great !

Amazing program. Simple to use. Had no problem. Thanks !

Very useful!

Great app. Thanks

Easy to Convert AVI to MP4

I have struggled for a long time with trying to view AVI files on a MAC. I have tried Flip Player, Perian and others. Net result, you cannot play an AVI on a MAC. The only way to view an AVI is to convert the AVI to MP4 format. This free app easily converted my AVI files to MP4. I can now view the converted files on my MAC, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. So far, I have not been asked to upgrade or pay for this version. There is a PRO version for $29.99 on the MAC Store. I have not found the need for the PRO version for only converting AVI to MP4. Summary: - easy to convert AVI to MP4. interface is easy - it is free - the MP4 files are of good quality and play in Quick Time


takes too long but at least it works :)

Works, and no splash or any crap, but video quality isn’t the best

You get what you would expect with a free converter: alright conversion, not too bad of a turn around time, and a decent UI. Works fine, but the video seems to really degrade, at least in my tests of converting an MKV to MP4. The sound quality also slightly goes down. No splash or logo over the video though which is great! Good work dev.

Pretty good - Very useful

I had some videos of mine recorded in .avi, and this converted them to .mov perfectly. My only complaint is the waiting time, and my personal opinion of the design of the program. I just personally think it looks silly. Maybe that’s because I prefer sleek, simplistic, minimalist styles. It doesn’t make it bad, just something *I personally* dislike. Overall, it works wonderfully, and the waiting time is worth it. Great job, dev!


I wasnt expecting much from a free converter, excpet for the standard "You must choose a video 30 seconds or less".. but to my surprise this program is actaully really good. No restrictions (so far).. no ads. No annyoing messages. Worsk fast and very easy to use.

Easy to use

So easy to use for a non techie like myself. just drag and drop and hit convert! fantastic product. no ads. converted the full movie and not just the first 10 seconds. and the picture quality is good for iPad mini. thank you


Was able to use user-defined conversion profiles for a while, suddenly though I’m unable to because I’m using the free version and not the paid version… Not so “free” anymore...


Usefull and free…..

not for FullHD

The export size of mp4 is only 1280x720. Not useful for 1920x1080p. Does not recognize swf files either.

does not convert any size

mp4 output format must be 640x480 etc. Does not convert any size to any size. Silly.


This is very very very limited free version. Don’t install it.

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