Free MP4 Converter App Reviews


I spent hours looking for a safe and fast way to convert my MPG videos to MP4 so that I could edit using imovie. The results are amazing! Truly a simple and wonderfull app!

Got this to convert Mov to MP4…. doesn’t work

This app doesn’t even recognize MOV files as video. They appear dimmed/grayed out and cannot be selected. So it’s useless to me.

this app blows

this app wont even let me convert mov files dont waste your time

thank you thank you thank you

I work in market research and the industry hasn’t come around to aligning with an mp4 standard. Had a wmv project (and avi and other formats before that) and getting this app was a lifesaver. A straightforward, easy solution to a problem that has been nagging me for awhile.

Pretty darn good!

After days online rooting around for quick solutions to ourMP4 to OGV and Webm needs we found an article that pointed to this. With expectations sufficiently lowered we grabbed it. Well, it worked perfectly. It’s fast and does as it says. There are some weird UI things and you have to specify video size each time as it defaults to 640X480 instead of Match Source (You guys should really change that), but it’s pretty great. Thanx for making this trvial bit easy. Much appreciated!

Poor conversions

I did not get good results using this free version - the video was blurry and nearly impossible to view. I tried converting with different options. You can get much better results with a popular open source video playback/conversion tool.


it worked right away and im shocked this wasnt a scam app THANK YOU

Among output file types is m4r ringtones!

To create your own iPhone ringtones, you must convert your audio file type to m4r, and it’s hard to find any app that will do that, paid or not. Surprise, surprise… Free MP4 Converter does it, and it’s easy and quick. Beats the heck outa me why they don’t even mention it on their website.

Doesn’t work

I followed the directions very carefully, yet when I attempted to convert from mp4 to m4v, the new m4v file would not play on my iPhone. Going to have to find another app. Why is this so hard? Why can’t Apple include this feature with iMovie or Quicktime like it used to?

fails without error on wmv files

as much as I would like to use this, it failed to convert .wmv files. looks like I’ll dig into ffmpeg command-line now

Super Easy

Working on a website. This made it super easy to convert testimonial videos taken with my iPhone for uploading to the web template that doesn’t support .MOV. Why didn’t I find this weeks ago? Awesome. PLUS the edit feature is handy, too. Love it.

Why Isn’t “Free MP4 Converter” Built Into Mac OS?

I struggled to do a simple video format change for my son’s school project. Way to long on the forums. Way too long wrestling with VLC Player. And then BOOM! I discovered Free MP4 Converter that simply took his .MOV file and converted it to a .MP4 file so his teacher can view it. Thanks for making this product.

Won’t let me keep original aspect ratio

It must be good because of the ratings, but I downloaded it for a single use and it won’t do it. When I change the output to webm, it won’t let me keep original aspect ratio and the only options available are to drop to 720…grrrr

Note Quite

Does only low resolution and not good at that.


Just what the doctor ordered! A+++++

Well that was easy! :)

Was looking for an app to convert to the WebM format. Boom! 2 minutes later, including installation and checking out the application, done! Thanks guys, nice, simple product!

Not really FREE

Don’t advertise an app as free when you can’t do half of the functions without purchase. Waste of my time.

It works.

It works to convert the mp4 files from my Swann security system and makes mp4 files readable by iMovie. Why is this not built into the iMovie?


I want to convert a WMV file to MP4. Using the app is easy, and conversion is quick, but the converted file is only a few bytes (366 bytes, 258 bytes, etc.) and of course doesn’t work. Not a clue in any documentation about what’s wrong. Also — this is very weird — whenever I go back to the App Store page for this app, the “Open” button changes back to “Install”! Something is really wrong when an app’s own page fails to see whether its app is installed yet. I am very suspicious of this app and this developer. I don’t know enough to accuse them of anything, but none of these signs are good.

Amazing! Simple & Quick!

I had an AVI video that I could not play without converting. I downloaded this and was super simple to use and voilà I was playing video in no time! Thank you for making this simple enough for a technologically challenged person, such as myself able to use!

Simple user interface

I had some MPG files that I wanted to transfer to my iPad. I am so glad I stumbled across this - incredibly easy to use, simple UI. Thanks for a perfect app!

This app couldn’t even open my file

My title says enough. Smh. Don’t bother.

Great App, Knows what it is and does it well

Can’t say more than my title. This app knows what it is, what it is designed to do, and focuses on doing it exceptionally well. This developer also seems very involved with their customers, responding to good and bad reviews, so that is another reason to choose this app. To the developers: Thank you! Looking forward to a future update to bring this app to 64-bit architecture soon after High Sierra drops!

Use Handbrake

This app degrades the video and only goes up to 1280. Handbrake is my hero!

Quick and easy

Quick, easy and painless. Download it, those who need an mp4 converter tool.

WOW perfecto!

Justo lo que andaba buscando. Gracias.

mov to mp4

Opened up which immediately wanted to connect to their website (Little Snitch detection). After getting past that I selected videos and set Keep Original for resolution. Kept telling me I needed to enter a valid resolution. That was the end of that.

So Quick and Easy!

I looked forever for a way to convert my MKV files to MP4 files and this is the best tool for it! Quick and easy to use!

Works great!

I don’t know why QuickTime or FLip4Mac don’t play AVI files and now I don’t care. This does the job.

Spectacular, Simple, Reliable!

Are you kidding me? I have been looking for this application for years! I am a Los Angles based producer who does a TON of video editing. It’s stunning how many clients will bring in source video material in avi format. Final Cut Pro has never liked avi. I’ve used a handful of other video applications and they have all been wonky. I downloaded this in 2 minutes started dropping in avi files and VIOLA – I converted them all to mac friendly files – fast and easy. I’m stunned it’s taken so long to find this application. This is a MUST have app for every mac owner who does a lot of work with video. Seriously – thank you for developing this – it’s excellent!

Terrible, use Handbreak instead

The current version crashes 100% of the time when I try to convert webm to other formats. I found that the excellent (and free) Handbrake works with these files. So goodbye!

Works great!

App works as advertised and very easy to use!

Worked and was EASY!

What more could one ask?

Works perfectly and great price!

Hunted around for an app that can help me convert .mkv to .mp4 format. VLC took too long and other apps say ‘free’ but are not. This one worked perfectly. Not lightning fast, but 4x faster than VLC.

Easy converter

Great lil app that makes converting easy. Converted unreadable .avi movies to .mp4 on Mac. Worked perfectly!


Allowed me to convert my .avi to .mp4 for Katee Owen :)))

Quick and oh, so easy! And it’s free!

Had a .mov file that I needed to convert and searched for a free converter app. This worked like a charm. Easily uploaded the file and converted. Very happy to have this app solve my problem of converting the file.

App saved me from paying

Great app. Was trying to convert my avi movie file into something recognizable by my mac. went to other sites and they were claiming to be free. it was not in the end because during the process, they request money from you to completely finish the download. this app saved me from paying those frauds. Seriously good for download.

Get This!

I feel this app needs more reviews of love. I searched forever trying to find a way to put my movies onto apple devices since they are so picky. I tried to force applications through the terminal to make them work, and they still couldn’t convert or rip the way I want. Finally I decided to search the app store and boom…I couldn’t be happier. I do use other programs to rip my dvd’s, however it defaults to .mkv and so this converts to .mp4 for me. Perfect little program, and even includes subtitle encoding! Please download this app if you like your movies on the go like me.


this is converter? NO! THIS IS terrible app!

Great Tool

This was really easy to use. I was able to convert some mkv files to mp4 without having to read any instructions. It did it quickly, and perfectly.

Doesn’t work

The program just gives an error with any .mp4 file I try to convert, tries for :02 seconds and gives a non-descriptive error. Seeking an MP4 to WEBM converter that works.

Missing 1080p and higher

Encoder is missing all full HD options, 1080p and higher.


Turned my beautiful PROres MOV file into a lo-res piece of junk.

Finally an easy to use app

Have been trying to organize all of my videos, but converting has always caused me to just give up on it. In the apps I previously used, it seemed you always had to do each file individualy. I downloaded this app just by chance and wow… it just gave me back the desire to get back to organizing. Very very very easy to use! Thank you!

Works great!

I’m converting 20+ videos at once and it does it in buckets fo 4 at a time. Kinda time consuming, but just runs in background and video looks good!

Doesn't work

I'm running 10.6.8 and it won't even run. Mind you, it's supposed to be compatible with OS X 10.5 and up. It doesn't.

Works Great!!

I used this to convert flv files to mp4 files and so far so good they are playing. Thanks!

loving it

I have movies in the wrong format for my Roku and coulnd’t find anything that converted them properly. This app works very well - runs fairly quickly & is simple to use on my Mac. I’ve done two movies so far & both have played YAY!

Quality Loss

Almost unacceptable quaity from QuickTime 7..6.6 Version. File size . Export to Apple TV mush better. Before conversion 1,44GB, Apple TV 525 MB, This one 246.3Mb

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